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Discussion in 'Zenbook' started by Ashish, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I have read excellent reviews of this ultrabook from ASUS
    I am looking to have it as my next notebook.. but before that i have some questions..
    1. What is the support of the GeForce GT 650M GPU for ubuntu.. i have researched and found that if this notebook's bios doesnt support any option to use nvdia GPU by default.. there is no way that nvdia gpu can be used from ubuntu or for that matter any of the linux distros.. due to the optimus functionality by nvidia which is nothing but auto switchover of the intel/nvdia gpus to optimize performance.Any clarification on this?
    2. The ram is 4gb soldered on to the board.. fine but there is one slot on the board that supports removable ram.. so how much ram this notebook suppots? 4+8(pluggable) =12GB ??
    3. The battery is also soldered on the board.. as i have experienced in the past the batteries dont last max 1.5-2 years.. so what options do i have for a replacement of the battery dies out.. paid support from asus is also fine... but it should be possible as i dont plan to throw this notebook away in say 2 years from now.. atleast 4 years i am planning to use this one.
    4. What about the warranty?? is it 2 years international one?? as its not available in india.. i might be buying from the US for use in india.. so will i get warranty support here in india??
    5. And does this have UEFI instead of BIOS?? Ive read somewhere that due to this the usb bootable option isnt available?
    Any info on any of these points would be worth.. or if someone could guide me to an official asus support forum so that i can put these doubts would great too.. as i tried this.. and there is no home for asus notebooks on the forum page!

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