DIY How-To: Upgrade from HDD to SSD on Zenbook UX302 (and other models, most likely)

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    Asus UX302 SSD Clone Procedure

    So, your Asus Zenbook UX302 isn't quick enough for you with the 500gb hard drive that comes installed on the UX302LA model? Then it's time to upgrade to a solid state drive. Buying the UX302LA model and upgrading the internals myself saved me quite a bit of money.

    Laptop - $799 at Best Buy ($865 after tax)
    8gb RAM DDR3 SO-DIMM - $85 at Newegg
    256gb Samsung EVO 840 - $140 during an ebay deal
    Total: $1090

    New SSD (with equal or more storage than the currently used space on your hard drive. 128gb or 256gb should be plenty). I used a Samsung EVO 840 256gb.
    -T5 Torx Screwdriver
    -Small Phillips Screwdriver
    -Smaller Phillips Screwdriver
    -External SATA Hard Drive Enclosure
    -16gb+ (prefer 32gb) USB Drive
    -EaseUS Todo Backup Free
    -A few hours of your time.

    1)Create a Windows 8 Recovery Drive from within Windows 8
    -Hover over the right side a Windows 8 Screen until the toolbar pops up
    -Click "Search", then "Settings"
    -Type "Create Recovery" and select "Create a Recovery Drive"
    -Follow on screen steps and use a flash drive 16gb or larger to create a Windows 8 Recovery USB Drive

    2)Download EaseUS Todo Backup Free from and install to your Laptop.

    3)Connect SATA Enclosure with SSD in it.

    4)Initialize the new SSD with an MBR. If Windows doesn't prompt this automatically, open your control panel, administrative tools, disk management, storage. It should ask you to initialize the disk if necessary.

    5)Open EaseUS Todo Backup, Click "Clone", select your primary disk drive as the source and the new SSD as the destination. Make sure "Optimize for SSD" is checked. Run the clone process.

    6)After cloning, shut down the computer completely. Open the case, the process for which can be seen at:

    7)Replace the HDD (and RAM, if you are interested in upgrading to 8gb or 16gb) with SSD.

    8)Reinstall equipment and screws in reverse order from the video. Turn on computer and most likely you'll see a Windows Error 0xc0000225.

    9)Insert Windows 8 Recovery USB Drive into PC. Press Escape, which should bring up the BIOS. Go to the Boot tab and change your boot priority to boot up the UEFI device first. Hit F10 to save and exit.

    10)The Computer will reboot, bringing up the Recovery Drive. Select Troubleshoot/Repair, then Advanced Tools, then Command prompt. Enter these commands, exactly:

    Bootrec /scanos
    Bootrec /rebuildbcd
    Bootrec /fixmbr
    Bootrec /fixboot

    During this process, if the command prompt asks you to add C:\Windows to the boot list, type "Y" and hit enter. After all of the commands have been completed, type "exit" and hit enter.

    11)Reboot computer and you should be done! :) My hard drive performance went from 5.9 to 8.1 on the Windows Experience Index with this upgrade!
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    Great information... thanks for posting.

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    Thanks for the detailed explanation.
    I just upgraded my UX302la with a samsung 850 EVO ssd. It is now blazing fast, but the fan is running constantly at full speed.
    Did you have the same issue ? If so, did you find a fix for it ?
    Thanks !

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