Electric scheme Asus UX32VD

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dumardus, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Hi, Sorry for my poor english.. I have got a problem with a notebook Asus UX32VD. During big storm when laptop was charging something happened. Right now I can not charge battery common way anymore, but adapter is working well . When I called Asus service ,they told me it is your fault , this issue not under a warranty, so we have to change motherboard for new one,. But it cost a lot of money So I found a man who is good for repair laptops. He checked and said without electrical schematic i can't fix it. Electric power going from adapter through fuses(are ok), to some chip onboard.... He is able fix it but needs el.schematic. How can I get this scheme? Any help will be will be appreciated? Regards Dug

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