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    Just to say hi and write I have just purchased a Zenbook.
    A tad on the expensive side but I hope its a quality product? I am also the owner of the Asus Transformer TF300T having 'tried' to own the Prime that refused to work. My office desk top is also an Asus the Essentio.
    I have ordered a Corsair 8GB DDR1600 memory card plus the Samsung SDD 830 internal 128GB SSD drive.
    I am not happy with my venture into tablet land and last month purchased, at a very low cost, a Samsung notebook that has blwon me away, such quality and the specs are amazing. Point is the Sammy is not realy portable where as the zenbook should be.
    Any other members here own the same zenbook as this one?

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    I, like many others, love my Zenbook. I wouldn't say its better or worse then a tablet, because its a completely different experience. A tablet is great for browsing the web and light content creation. The Zenbook is just as light and portable but can run Photoshop and other necessary programs in my life. The MS Surface and Windows 8 might be the product and os that combines the desktop/laptop with the tablet experience.... we will see very soon.


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