How to use the harddisk partitions?

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    I got the zenbook ux3011la, since some days and i like it. But i do not know, how to deal with the different harddisk partitions, i got. There is
    Physical drive 0: OS (C) and Data (D)
    Drive dive 1: Data 1 (E) and Data2 (F)

    The Datasheet of Zenbook tells me, that the drives work in raid 0 mode.

    Could you tell me please, do i have to change any settings, or can i use it as it is, to take the benefit of raid 0 mode.
    I intend to store different data in different drives - is this a good idea?
    Physical drive 0:
    OS (C) (Using WINDOWS 8.1)
    Data (D) - rename to Apps (D)
    Data 1 (E) - rename to InstallData (for saving the Installation files)
    Data2 (F) - rename to myDrive (for saving the produced data e.g. worddocs)

    Thank You for Your help!

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