UX31A-R4003H Battery issue

Discussion in 'Zenbook Prime' started by un4given, May 13, 2013.

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    Hello dear Forum Users,

    i bought my Zenbook prime on Saturday and was really happy with it until i registered some battery issues. After some hours of work my Asus couldnt recognize the battery anymore and Windows 8 told me that no battery can be found. Restarting and shutting down didnt help. So i decided to do the full windows restart and resetted it to factory settings. still, no battery pack detected. In the evening i plugged my Asus using AC adapter and left it over night. today in the morning i booted it up and the battery was found, but pending somewhere at 88%. After i arrived at work i could wake up the book and do some job, closed it after. in some hours i wanted to do some research, but the notebook won't start, what ever i do, it only starts when i plug into ac adapter and again shows me that no bettery was found.
    Since the laptop is new and on warranty i could send it in, but i assume the repairment will be very log and i need the laptop for work.

    maybe the community have got some ideas?

    kind regrads from Vienna, Austria
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    I'd say you have a defective battery system... which means you will probably have to send it in. You might want to try updated the BIOS to the latest version if you haven't already tried that.

    Good luck,


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