UX31E Wifi problems - tried everything

Discussion in 'Zenbook' started by satiated, May 14, 2013.

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    I bought a UX31E back in Dec 2011. It's had pretty persistent wifi problems since then, it seems to be happier with some networks than others. Sadly in my new flat, sitting 5 metres clear sight from the router, the laptop is dropping wifi connection frequently, and is often unable to re-connect. Meanwhile everything else connects to the network without a problem.

    I've seen the stuff about the power settings for the network card and PCI express, so I've set it to Max Performance for the wireless adapter, and turned off Link State Power Management. I've also turned off the option to allow Windows to switch off the device to save power.

    I've flashed the BIOS to 214, and put the latest wireless drivers on, and still am getting the problems.

    Is there a specific God I need to pray to? Does anyone have any suggestions as to other steps I'm missing?
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    It seems like you have taken all of the correct steps toward solving your problem. I had a similar issue and ended up buying a new router... haven't had any issues since then. You might want to experiment with different routers before buying something.

    Good luck,


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