Zenbook Ultrabook ux21 ux31 keyboard issue solution & fix for problem keys ,trackpad & power on

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    Hi, This is for Zenbooks / Ultrabooks and is a keyboard fix or no power on fix. In some cases it will fix the track pad issues also.The following is a fix for models other than prime but include all first and later gens, ux21 ux31. The known keyboard issue that causes problems talked about here and including no power on can be fixed by watching a video and installing some parts . Many people are having these issues that vary from loss of track pad control, can not power on the laptop, non responsive keys or working only some of the time. As of today the fix is now available on Ebay. Its very easy and I have repaired several using this part and all have been stable and dependable for a long time and some had track pad issues too.
    The fix for this on ebay is , item #221254626997 just read the description it explains why this happens and how to fix it for 32.00 (or search Ebay for "zenbook ultrabook keyboard repair kit") The seller is hobbytoyz.
    Asus has no solution at this time because the problem is faulty ribbon wire connectors holding clips. For Asus to repair this would not be cost effective because of the time spent on each one and millions are defective. The ribbon wire connector is faulty and permanently mounted to the mother board. Asus tried to fix it by holding the ribbon with tape but any tape will get hot and work loose within a week or so as many have discovered. the only solution is a new connector ( new motherboard with a new connector that does not exist) or the fix on ebay . it is some tiny well designed clips made from static free temp stable material that holds the original clips in place. I am writing this on a ux31 that was fixed this way several months ago and it works great and is used several hours every day. These laptops are great units other than this one issue and they have great features , it is well worth a few dollars and less than a hour to fix to make it dependable. I know its new but If you have installed this fix please share

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